Скачать Satellite TV for PC v2.0 Titanium Edition

Satellite TV for PC v2.0 Titanium Edition

Satellite TV for PC - хороший просмотрщик спутниковых каналов телевидения. Смотрите более 4000 ТВ-каналов во всем мире, включая кинофильмы, детские передачи, комедии, новости, музыкальные каналы, документальные кинофильмы и многое другое ... Если Вы зашли в раздел "Спорт", то можете глядеть футбол, бокс, F1, WWE, Ралли, баскетбол, крикет, бейсбол и т.д. С Satellite TV for PC глядеть online-TV просто-напросто удовольствие.

How to Use PC Satellite TV
To open up the channel viewer, click on the PC Satellite TV viewer Icon. After you have opened up PC Satellite TV you will have the ability to search by: TV CHANNELS, RADIO CHANELS, or YOUTUBE. You will not need to worry about any updates as this is done by our company as we will provide you with the most current addition. Everything is listed by Countries.

Viewing in Full Screen
To view TV screen in FULL SCREEN, right click your mouse on top of the video that is playing, then select "ZOOM" >>> "FULL SCREEN." To go back to original screen size, click the "Exit Full Screen" button located in the video player.

Not all channels will be broadcasting 24 hours. Channels are being added daily to this viewer. If you find a channel is not available you can try back later or locate the channel on one of the other viewers we provide.

Год: 2011
ОС: Windows All
Язык: english
Лекарство: Не требуется
Размер файла: 5,44 MB

Скачать Satellite TV for PC v2.0 Titanium Edition

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